God’s Bridge, one of the world’s three largest natural bridges

The bridge, a real natural marvel, is 60 meters long, 13 meters wide and features a stone arch 4 meters thick, 22 m high and with a 9 m span.

God’s Bridge, one of the world’s three largest natural bridges located near the Ponoarele community, the only such beauties effectively used for traffic. Photos:Andra Raica

The Natural Bridge is located at the top of Southside Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley of the state’s western Appalachian Mountains, what geologists call the Valley and Ridge Province. The parallel folds of mountains and valleys all run in a northeast-southwest direction. This valley and its rivers and streams have served as a natural migration route, first for wildlife, including probably small herds of eastern bison and elk, then for the Amer-Indians who lived and hunted in and moved through the area, and still later as the natural gateway for pioneers from the mid-Atlantic and Northeast across the Appalachians and into the western Carolinas and Kentucky and Tennessee.Photos: Google


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