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Ponoarele Romanian Archaeology, Prehistory, History and Culture

Ponoarele is not very far north of the small town of Baia de Arama, and also is close to the Motru Valley, in the north part of Oltenia county, towards the Parang Mountains.

Coming from north to south, a small river enters a huge valley to meeta a huge stone hill, like a dam, which bars its way.

When there is a lot of water in the river, in spring or in very wet weather, this huge valley is full of water, and is called the Zătonul Mare lake. The rest of the time, when it is hot and there is little water in the river, the lake disappears, because at the base of the huge stone dam is a small hole through which the river passes under the stone hill, and makes a double cave, then goes out to the south of the stone hill to form a small lake called Zătonul Mic. This second lake also has two levels of water, just as Zătonul Mare has, because it too goes under another stone hill, via an undiscovered cave.

The entire area of Ponoarele is full of rivers and caves.

The huge stone hill between Zătonul Mare and Zătonul Mic has a double cave with an entrance from the north, from Zătonul Mare lake, with an exit to Zătonul Mic lake. However at the exit from the south of the cave, part of the roof of the cave has fallen in, leaving an arch called God’s Bridge, or Podul Lui Dumnezeu in Romanian.

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